From an essay to a tweet, I approach all communication with the same goal: telling an engaging story

As a writer, I’m interested in people: their stories, their dreams, and their obsessions. I focus on interviews, art reviews, and personal essays, and I’ve been published in magazines including Elle Canada, Canadian Art, and Montecristo.

As a freelancer, I bring the same care to your business that I do my personal projects, crafting marketing copy and web content with elevated language, attention to detail, and a compelling voice. 

I’ve been a writer and reader all my life, but I was trained at UBC, graduating with a BFA in Creative Writing and Art History. I started my career as a student, building my freelance portfolio and getting experience in local galleries. I still work in the arts today – I’m employed as Program Manager at Burrard Arts Foundation, a nonprofit where I manage exhibitions, artist residencies, public art projects, social media, and all other communications. 

When I’m not writing, reading, or sleeping, you can find me enjoying the local art scene, going for long walks around East Vancouver, or thrift shopping.

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