Shayla oulette stonechild is decolonizing wellness

“For Stonechild, practices of personal wellness are integral to fighting white supremacy and healing from intergenerational trauma. “If you want to be doing this work, you should be talking about social justice issues while you’re practicing self-care,” she shares. “That’s the thing—why are we not making wellness accessible to the people who need it most?



Tidal Traces: Merging Dance, Film, and Virtual Reality

“Sunlight filters through seawater, casting marbled, wavering patterns on the sandy floor. All around you, the ocean at low tide spreads out; beautiful and featureless, reflective, inhospitable. As you look over your shoulder, a virtual reality headset pressing on your orbital bone, you realize three women surround you, moving through the water in fluid, looping motions.”

Movement by NM
James Nizam: Apparent Motions (exhibition review)
White Hot Magazine
The Beauty of Bad Makeup: Growing up in a pre-Glossier world
Sad Mag


Gabriola Island: on Beauty and Strangeness

“I wasn’t, in my adolescence, able to recognize Gabriola’s wild strangeness as beauty. The island’s crater-like sandstone beaches are lined by dramatic arbutus trees that undulate upwards, shedding papery red bark at the slightest touch. The beaches’ otherworldly rock formations, created by rain and tide against soft sandstone, appear as mushroomy shapes and honeycomb networks of tiny holes; the resulting coastline looks very much like the surface of the moon.”

Montecristo Magazine

Scott Billings: Law and Disorder, Canadian Art

“Does anything epitomize the human fascination with death and violence better than the concept of the perfect crime? In “Skull Practice,” his recent show at Wil Aballe Art Projects, Vancouver artist Scott Billings used 3D printing, robotics and computer-assisted design to examine this cultural conceit in frighteningly clinical detail.”

Canadian Art Magazine
A Park Lover’s Guide to Vancouver
Montecristo Magazine
Ryan Quast: Garbage is Cozy
Sad mag

Kind Words

As a magazine contributor, Genevieve is responsive, thoughtful, and professional. As a writer, she is talented and inquiring, with a clear and compelling voice. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Genevieve for several years in her role as a contributing writer to SAD Mag. She approaches stories with genuine curiosity and insight, and her finished work always surpasses our expectations, no matter how high we set them.

Michelle Cyca, writer, editor, and former co-publisher of SAD Mag


Holding Space: An Interview with Jeska Slater of Young Artist Warriors

“Jeska Slater worked with one young man for eight months before he finally spoke. A trauma survivor dealing with homelessness, he had started attending the art-making events and workshops Slater was putting on through her organization for Indigenous youth, Young Artist Warriors. She later found out he was fluent in three languages: Anishinaabe, English, and French.”

Sad Mag
Hospital Pumps, Elle Canada (first place winner of 2017 writing competition)
Elle Canada

Kind Words

I had a visceral reaction reading [Genevieve’s] essay on fashion seen through the lens of an identity crisis. The writing transported me into the author’s need for protection during a time of loss. We wanted a strong, original storytelling voice that would stay true to the theme of the contest, and we found it in a powerful, unexpected piece.

Vanessa Craft, editor-in-chief of ELLE Canada, reviews Genevieve’s essay ‘Hospital Pumps’


The Perks of Being a Mini Schooler: a Case for Alternative Education
Sad Mag
Inner Landscapes, Alternate Worlds: Jordan Westre and Kaz Simpson at Skylight Gallery
Peripheral Review


Person, Place, Thing: Becki Chan’s Feline Design
Sad Mag
Andrea Hooge Hides ‘Secret Jokes’ in Her Art
Huffington Post
Andy Dixon Turns to Canadian Culture for the Inspiration for His Vancouver Show, Huffington Post
Huffington Post


Place of Harmony: the Radical History of BC’s Malcolm Island
Sad Mag
Chapel Sound Introduces Vancouver’s Own Boiler Room Style Webcast
Vice Canada

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